A single place, so many emotions.

Olio is located in the architectural space known as The Box, a true hive of passion. An offbeat project, The Box was established to convey its founders’ love of beauty and their passions. Easy access to nature, the culinary experience, events and classic cars combine here to offer a full immersion into Italian excellence. Olio is located on the ground floor of The Box, and includes the restaurant, bistro, lounge bar and terrace.

The restaurant

Olio is born from food and nature's passion, from that special feeling of well-being and happiness that only excellent raw materials and expert hands can offer.

The interior design is a product of the all-encompassing aesthetic vision of the project. Wood, stone, crystal, chrome-plated metal and exquisite fabrics are common features that tie the various spaces together, including the outdoor areas. Asymmetry is a defining feature, evident in all details, taking elements to extremes while producing fundamental harmony to stimulate the five senses: every detail has been specifically chosen for the space.

The Olio restaurant spans approximately 800 m2 and has 160 seats divided across the various interconnected spaces. A restaurant dining room, bistro, lounge bar, outdoor seating and terrace are ready to welcome diners and satisfy their every need. The establishment boasts state-of-the-art technology to ensure a pleasant dining experience, including air purification, a balanced micro-climate and effective noise control. Outside, the photovoltaic plant enables all spaces within The Box to be fully independent, ensuring low environmental impact.
For families with children, meanwhile, Olio offers a children’s space with custom-made accessories, for the comfort of little guests and their parents.

The outdoor spaces

Gardens, greenhouses, olive trees and floral terraces: nature's elements meet man's creativity.

Four rows of greenhouses dominate the landscape of The Box, their impressive appearance inspired by the 19th century gardens of Venice. They serve a dual purpose: to supply the restaurant with produce, and to provide an evocative backdrop for moving events. A range of fruits, vegetables, plants, medicinal herbs and flowers are grown here throughout the year.

A simple and elegant space that adapts itself to your event different needs.

The Box

The Box is the product of passion that blossoms, like a flower, oblivious to adverse conditions, even between the cracks in the tarmac of a provincial road. It is a polyhedric, multi-functional and multi-experiential space, which can be transformed to adapt to the broadest range of needs, without losing sight of its simple, refined identity. A journey through the flavours of nature, the passion of man and timeless beauty.